Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Trend Alert: Great Gatsby Hens Parties!

It's official! No matter what you think of the novel or the movie, 1920's glamour is in!

The release of The Great Gatsby is sure to see the 1920s flapper trend take off once more (still popular after the release of films like Chicago and Harlem Nights), with plenty of glamorous parties celebrating the unmistakable style and flair of the roaring 20s!

At a time where many cities found themselves in the midst of a ban on alcohol, the 1920s have been glamourised as a time filled with decadence, wildness and of course plenty of fabulous parties! More and more brides-to-be are now bringing that sense of fun and frivolity into their hens parties (and even their weddings), influenced by the iconic style and music of this era.

But what is the Flapper party really all about? What if you don't know your Suzy Qs from your Scarecrows? Don't fear because here at Hens Party Perth, our hostesses specialise in making this unique and energetic style of dance easy to learn for all ages and levels!

How does it start?
Your hostess arrives in full 1920s-inspired costume - and your guests can too! If you're not sure where to start, try looking up 1920's fashion online. You'll soon be overwhelmed with inspiring ideas for outfits - everything from popular short fringed dresses to feathered headpieces and pearls - even costume cigarette holders!

When it comes to your accessories, let us do the work! We can provide items like feather boas or garters, even gloves! Not only will we provide these for your guests to use, but we can also show you how to use them in your dance routine.

The bride-to-be or birthday girl will even receive a few Flapper essentials of her own to keep! Whether it's glamorous styling accessories, or 1920s props to dance with, she will be all set to be a true 1920s glamour queen. 

Your hostess will talk your group through some of the glamorous 1920s essentials as well as how the iconic Flapper style is created. When it comes to vintage eras, the roaring 20s is one of the most instantly recognisable, with short bob haircuts and excessive makeup (as well as outlandish behaviour!). Your hostess will help you and your guests embody your own decadent 1920s ladies.

How will we dance?
Your hostess will go through a number of exciting and energetic 1920s-inspired dance moves (some of which you may pick out during the extravagant party scenes in The Great Gatsby film!). With fancy footwork and lots of energetic kicks and arms, you'll learn all sorts of moves, from the Scarecrow to the Suzie Q, to the Charleston to Knee Knocks. If you have no idea what any of those words mean, you're in for a treat. Not only are these moves fun to do, but they're suitable for beginners too! Remember, if you and your guests are more experienced dancers, let us know and we can provide a higher level of material.

How can we get the look?
The great thing about a Hens Party Perth package is that you can hold it in your own home!
This means that you can be as creative as you like when it comes to decorating! Go crazy with as much opulent and extravagant decor as you like, and remember that classic 1920s styling isn't restricted to what you wear, but you can use them for decorating too. Items like feather boas, ostrich plumes and strings of faux pearls can not only be worn as a costume, but they can be used to decorate too! Ostrich feathers in vases make for cheap, easy and very dramatic decorations, as do feather boas tied together and draped around furniture! You can even add simple touches like glitter or sequins to tables to make them just that little bit more glamorous. Of course the iconic 1920s champagne glass (much flatter and wider than the modern one) is a fantastic way to add that vintage feel to your decorating.

When it comes to music, you'll need to provide a CD player for your hostess to play her music on, but what about the rest of the party? You can scour iTunes for 1920s playlists and albums (there are hundreds available!), or you can even take your influence from The Great Gatsby soundtrack itself, filled with catchy hits from artists like Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Ray, Gotye and more. It's so easy to fill a playlist with vintage music as well as some hits from your favourite artists to keep the tempo fast and the party pumping!

Want to take it further?
Why not spread the theme throughout your celebrations! The husband-to-be can have his bucks night 1920s gangster themed, while you and your girlfriends celebrate in saucy Flapper style. The ideas to incorporate into your Great Gatsby celebration are endless, whether it's having a live band play (think lively Jazz), booking a performance from your hostess, or even booking suave waiters to serve you drinks. You can contact us about all of these options - we're more than happy to help you take your party to the next level so you can celebrate with your friends and family in the most elegant and extravagant 1920s fashion!


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