Tuesday, 14 January 2014

#PartyInspo: Decorating on a Budget

It's #PartyInspo time! Today we're sharing five top tips for cheap or even free party decorations that look a million bucks. 

 1. Canned light
Cheap, cheerful and easy! Grab yourself a clean empty can and a drill (electric is easier but hand drills are good too). You can be fancy and try shapes and patterns, or you can keep it simple and go for a random pattern of holes – either way, you’ll get a great effect, especially if you place your can somewhere near a wall. The great thing about this project is that you don’t need to get involved in any complex electronics – it’s as simple as filling your can with string lights, or even candles (do watch out, as your can will heat up!).

 2. Paper puffs
We’ve all seen the coffee filter pom poms made famous by domestic divas like Martha Stewart – but they can be a lot of work, especially if you want a colour other than the standard white filter paper. Why not try this cute paper pom pom project? You can purchase paper in any colour you like and fold a few sheets into a simple concertina. Add a ribbon (don’t forget to do this first or you won’t be able to hang your puff) and then it’s as easy as a few snips with a pair of scissors! There are plenty of great tutorials available on YouTube, so get clicking, and get inspired!

 3. Get creative with balloons
Balloons have so much more potential than we give them credit for! Sure, you can go standard helium balloons, but that takes extra time, cash, and organisation. Why not cheat a little, all it takes is some creativity and some blu tac! You can fake the effects of helium by simply sticking the top of your balloons to the ceiling (another tip – play with the lengths of your ribbons and size of your balloons for a cool effect). Alternatively, you could break the mould and hang yours upside down! Try sticking the ends of the ribbons to the ceiling for a funky teardrop effect – almost like a big colourful chandelier!

 4. Backdrops
As photobooths grown in popularity, photobooth backdrops continue to amaze us with their creativity! We’ve seen backdrops made out of leftover invitations for the wedding or party, hand printed fabric backdrops, and more! We love these cute ideas:
Feathers – you can dip your feathers in paint or glitter for an extra-cool effect.
Ribbons, string, or fabric strips – easy to hang from a tension rod, rope, or even PVC pipe frame (you can rig one up in an afternoon).
Records – funk, funky and vintage. You can hang real records, or make simple ones out of coloured card, or you could stick your records straight on the wall behind your photobooth!

 5. Mason jars, so many mason jars
We know that mason jars have been a huge trend over the past year or so – but why not think outside the box a little? Mason jars can be used for more than just vases, so why not try out some creative ideas:
Candle holders – pop a candle in a mason jar and it makes for a cute way to add light to your table or venue. Kick it up a notch by rolling your jar in glitter, or filling it with sand for a beach theme. You can leave your jars on tables for simple lighting, but you can also wrap them up with twine or ribbon and hang them too!
Paint your jars - pour some enamel or plain house paint inside your jars, seal them up, and roll them around so your paint spreads all over the jar. Once it’s dry, you have yourself some cute colourful vases which are cheap and easy enough to have match a range of colour schemes!
Glow stick lights – this one’s an oldie but a goodie.. Cut open a couple of glow sticks and shake the the liquid on the inside of your jars – you’ve made some little glow worm-inspired jars! Obviously you’ll have to make sure you don’t re-use your jars for food or drink, but every now and then you’ll have to top up your glow-juice when it fades.