Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Trend Alert: Great Gatsby Hens Parties!

It's official! No matter what you think of the novel or the movie, 1920's glamour is in!

The release of The Great Gatsby is sure to see the 1920s flapper trend take off once more (still popular after the release of films like Chicago and Harlem Nights), with plenty of glamorous parties celebrating the unmistakable style and flair of the roaring 20s!

At a time where many cities found themselves in the midst of a ban on alcohol, the 1920s have been glamourised as a time filled with decadence, wildness and of course plenty of fabulous parties! More and more brides-to-be are now bringing that sense of fun and frivolity into their hens parties (and even their weddings), influenced by the iconic style and music of this era.

But what is the Flapper party really all about? What if you don't know your Suzy Qs from your Scarecrows? Don't fear because here at Hens Party Perth, our hostesses specialise in making this unique and energetic style of dance easy to learn for all ages and levels!

How does it start?
Your hostess arrives in full 1920s-inspired costume - and your guests can too! If you're not sure where to start, try looking up 1920's fashion online. You'll soon be overwhelmed with inspiring ideas for outfits - everything from popular short fringed dresses to feathered headpieces and pearls - even costume cigarette holders!

When it comes to your accessories, let us do the work! We can provide items like feather boas or garters, even gloves! Not only will we provide these for your guests to use, but we can also show you how to use them in your dance routine.

The bride-to-be or birthday girl will even receive a few Flapper essentials of her own to keep! Whether it's glamorous styling accessories, or 1920s props to dance with, she will be all set to be a true 1920s glamour queen. 

Your hostess will talk your group through some of the glamorous 1920s essentials as well as how the iconic Flapper style is created. When it comes to vintage eras, the roaring 20s is one of the most instantly recognisable, with short bob haircuts and excessive makeup (as well as outlandish behaviour!). Your hostess will help you and your guests embody your own decadent 1920s ladies.

How will we dance?
Your hostess will go through a number of exciting and energetic 1920s-inspired dance moves (some of which you may pick out during the extravagant party scenes in The Great Gatsby film!). With fancy footwork and lots of energetic kicks and arms, you'll learn all sorts of moves, from the Scarecrow to the Suzie Q, to the Charleston to Knee Knocks. If you have no idea what any of those words mean, you're in for a treat. Not only are these moves fun to do, but they're suitable for beginners too! Remember, if you and your guests are more experienced dancers, let us know and we can provide a higher level of material.

How can we get the look?
The great thing about a Hens Party Perth package is that you can hold it in your own home! 
This means that you can be as creative as you like when it comes to decorating! Go crazy with as much opulent and extravagant decor as you like, and remember that classic 1920s styling isn't restricted to what you wear, but you can use them for decorating too. Items like feather boas, ostrich plumes and strings of faux pearls can not only be worn as a costume, but they can be used to decorate too! Ostrich feathers in vases make for cheap, easy and very dramatic decorations, as do feather boas tied together and draped around furniture! You can even add simple touches like glitter or sequins to tables to make them just that little bit more glamorous. Of course the iconic 1920s champagne glass (much flatter and wider than the modern one) is a fantastic way to add that vintage feel to your decorating.

When it comes to music, you'll need to provide a CD player for your hostess to play her music on, but what about the rest of the party? You can scour iTunes for 1920s playlists and albums (there are hundreds available!), or you can even take your influence from The Great Gatsby soundtrack itself, filled with catchy hits from artists like Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Ray, Gotye and more. It's so easy to fill a playlist with vintage music as well as some hits from your favourite artists to keep the tempo fast and the party pumping!

Want to take it further?
Why not spread the theme throughout your celebrations! The husband-to-be can have his bucks night 1920s gangster themed, while you and your girlfriends celebrate in saucy Flapper style. The ideas to incorporate into your Great Gatsby celebration are endless, whether it's having a live band play (think lively Jazz), booking a performance from your hostess, or even booking suave waiters to serve you drinks. You can contact us about all of these options - we're more than happy to help you take your party to the next level so you can celebrate with your friends and family in the most elegant and extravagant 1920s fashion!

Monday, 1 April 2013

What's Burlesque all about?

You've heard about the growing trend, and you've seen the Burlesque Hens Night Package advertised at Hens Party Perth... Maybe you've seen films like Moulin Rouge and Burlesque and you're a little curious about how you can be a part of it? Join us on a glamorous journey, perfect for your hens party, birthday celebration, or next girl's night!

Where did Burlesque start?
Burlesque has existed in a range of forms for hundreds of years - with roots stemming from literary or political parody, Burlesque evolved during the Victorian era and over the years it slowly became associated more and more with the striptease performance we are familiar with today.
Your Hens Party Perth hostess will give you and your guests some fascinating information about Burlesque's roots, as well as some of its most popular stars today - including style icon Dita von Teese, the incredible Dirty Martini, and even Australia's own Imogen Kelly. Your hostess is a professional Burlesque artist herself - it's the perfect opportunity to ask her questions about what it's like to perform!

What's a Burlesque name?
Your hostess will discuss 'Burlesque names' with you and your guests. A performer's name is a vital part of establishing their onstage persona, which can be very different to their real-life personality! Burlesque is all about expressing yourself, telling a story, and teasing the audience - a saucy or funny Burlesque name can help establish what kind of performer you are, whether it be cheeky, flirty, sexy, funny, or just plain tantalising. You and your guests may choose your own Burlesque names for the night - you might just be surprised at what you come up with!

What are some Burlesque essentials?
The bride-to-be or birthday girl will receive a special gift bag filled with some of the essential props and accessories needed to be a burlesque starlet for the night! Don't worry though, your guests won't miss out.. during the dance lesson portion of your Burlesque Hens Night Package, your guests will receive their very own Burlesque prop to use!
Things like feather boas, lacey garters and luxurious gloves all help to make you and your guests feel extra glamorous as you shake and shimmy your way through a classic bump'n'grind routine - complete with sexy vintage music!
You may want to add to the glamorous atmosphere with your own props and decorations - things like shimmering pearl necklaces (you can cheat with some affordable options from your local discount store!), glamorous feather headpieces or fascinators (maybe even white for the bride-to-be!), fishnet stockings, frilly tutus or knickers, and of course glittering sequins!

If you're having your party at a private home, why not decorate the space with more feather boas, luxurious lace (you can pick some up at a fabric store, or even an op shop), glitter and sequins, or even posters of vintage burlesque stars and pin-ups!

What should we wear?
Your hostess will provide some props and accessories for you and your guests to wear while dancing, but you can always team them up with your own costume! Why not wear some sexy fishnet stockings and heels? Hot tip - heels with ankle straps can give that extra bit of support while you dance! Many guests like to get in the vintage glamor feel with frilly tutus or skirts - even frilly knickers or bloomers are great to dance in! You can purchase affordable vintage-style corsets from lingerie stores - plastic boned corsets are very flexible and easy to dance in.
If you're not so sure you'd like to dress up that way, why not try a cute vintage dress or 1950's circle skirt and fitted blouse? You can team your outfit up with vintage hair (there are plenty of online tutorials for styles like pin and victory curls, as well as cat-eye eyeliner), plus, you may even get to hear styling tips and tricks first hand from your hostess!

What music should we choose?
You are required to provide a CD player for your hostess to use during the evening - she'll bring along a CD packed full of classic bump'n'grind tunes, however before or after your party package, you may choose to play your own vintage-inspired tunes! Browse iTunes for some vintage inspiration, or choose cheeky classics from Cab Calloway or Henry Mancini, or maybe even something more soulful like Peggy Lee's Fever

What sort of moves will we learn?
All Hens Party Perth packages are suitable for complete beginners - whether you've never tried Burlesque before, or even if you've never even danced at all! You'll learn an easy bump'n'grind routine (you can always ask us for something trickier!) incoporating all sorts classic moves, including everything from the essential 'burlesque walk', to the shimmy and the glove peel!
Burlesque dancing is relatively low-impact, so it's suitable for all sorts of ages and body types - it's a fun chance to experiment with expressing your sensuality and emotion, so you can be as theatrical and dramatic as you like!

Who is this party package suitable for?
Not only is Burlesque dancing fun and achievable for all sorts of body types, but this package is suitable for a range of ages too!
The Burlesque Hens Night Package is a great option for those who want to have a cheeky or sexy night with friends, but who don't want to go as sexy as the Boudoir (Lapdance) Package (which is restricted to 18+). It's also a good option for those who have a few guests who aren't yet 18, or even guests who are older but still want to have some cheeky fun! Burlesque is sexy, but not so sexy that you can't include your younger or older relatives and friends.

I love Burlesque! Where can I find out more?
There is growing interest in Burlesque all throughout Australia, and Perth is no exception! Hens Party Perth's hostesses don't just host hens nights, they regularly perform at shows around Perth, and some even teach lessons in Burlesque!
You can catch Burlesque events regularly around Perth, and our friends at Lady Velvet Cabaret even offer short and long classes in Burlesque dancing and Pinup modelling! You can join a six-week Pinup Bootcamp course or the Burlesque Starlet course (Starlet graduates are eligible for the Advanced Burlesque class!). Lady Velvet Cabaret also runs ongoing classes in Cabaret or Modern Burlesque, for those who are interested in a more modern style of dance (think sexy group choreography like the Pussycat Dolls!).
At the end of your course, you can even choose to participate in a Graduation Show - a real life cabaret show!

How can I book my Burlesque Hens Party?
It's simple! Email us today at info@henspartyperth.com.au, or fill in an easy contact form on our website. Scroll down to find information such as cost, requirements and terms & conditions!

We can't wait to join you at your special celebration - whether it's a girls night, birthday party, or hens celebration! Contact us today to find out more about the Burlesque package, or any other Hens Party Perth packages that interest you!

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