Thursday, 3 March 2016

#PartyInspo: Alternative Desserts for Hens and Weddings

At Hens Party Australia, we like to bend the rules! Whether it's swapping out wedding cake for doughnuts, midnight milk and cookies, or a delicious dessert buffet, here are our favourite tips for Sweet Tooth tragics just like us.

It's time to talk S U G A R !  We've collected some fabulous inspiration from around the internet for some unique ideas to incorporate into your next event, whether it be the hens party or the wedding itself. Why not stop here though, check out Pinterest and YouTube for a huge selection of ideas you can either DIY or book through a caterer.

Midnight Milk and Cookies
Guests partying late into the night? We love the recent trend of providing late night comfort food at just the right moment.
With some couples sending out mini cheeseburgers and fries to help soak up the booze, why not try a sweeter idea?
Check out these gorgeous milk and cookies, or why not try ice cream cones, hot fudge sundaes, or even milkshakes. Yes the food is simple, but with so many cute presentation ideas, there are so many options to try.

Bye Bye Cake!
Over the traditional wedding cake options? Why not try some alternatives - we've seen gorgeous cupcake towers, but how about tiered doughnuts?
You don't even have to do away with the traditional cake topper, because you can still have a cake on top of your tower.
With plenty of options for gluten free guests too, why not look into these cute alternatives to a traditional wedding cake?

Are you having a high tea, daytime celebration, or perhaps just want to spread those brunchtime vibes?
Another option that can be easily customised for gluten free guests, mini pancake stacks are delicious and easy to serve.
Why not amp it up with a DIY pancake buffet - guests can serve with their favourite toppings and flavours to cater to their personal tastes.

Chocoholics Unite!
Almost everyone loves chocolate - so embrace it! In most cities you can book yourself a chocolate-making workshop (what a great idea for a hens party), where you and your guests produce your own truffles or chocolate blocks. You can hire a chocolate fountain, or even make your own fondue - social and sweet. Plus... vegan chocolate is increasingly available and totally delicious!

Not just for Christmas
Another great activity that's social and sweet is decorating your own cookies! Hens party guests can decorate gingerbread cookies to look like the bride and groom, design a gingerbread wedding dress, and more. Plus, you can even carry the cookie theme over to your big day - cookies can be decorated with each guest's name and used as place settings at the wedding!

Step Right Up...
We love reinforcing a theme - if you're having a circus-themed hens or wedding, why not add candied popcorn, lollipops or other sweet treats to the menu?
Popcorn and other treats can also match a baseball themed party, or a movie-themed celebration!