Wednesday, 14 August 2019

#PartyInspo: Sexy Hens Party Ideas that are Stripper-Free!

Has your bride-to-be strictly instructed you "no strippers"? That doesn't mean her big night can't be sexy and fun - check out our top ideas for a sexy and stripper-free hens night!

Eye Candy Without The Performance..
Many talented male performers also offer less raunchy services such as topless waiter services.
Your entertainer may offer a range of costume options, like wearing pants, hotpants, a g-string, or even a full nude (with or without an apron) - do base your decision on the tastes of your guests. Your entertainer will also appreciate you keeping an eye on guests' behaviour - if some ladies are getting a bit too handsy, pull them aside and let them know that they risk the performer leaving early if they don't dial it down!
You can contact us if you'd like to find out more about topless waiter services, but sometimes even these "tame" services won't suit the style of your bride, and that's totally fine...

Be the Eye Candy!
There's no rule that a hens has to involve male entertainers (or genital-shaped paraphernalia either), so why shouldn't you and your guests be the sexy ones?
Why not book a photographer for a fun photoshoot where your guests can get dolled up and pose like perfect pinups?
If your bride is into vintage style, perhaps a saucy burlesque lesson is the way to go - keeping it cute, but still sexy without being too raunchy. 
If your bride is a little on the wilder side, you can even book a lapdance lesson where you and your girls get to learn the seductive art of lapdance. Who knows when those skills may come in handy? We can help you out with all of these fun options, just get in touch!

Cheeky Options for Every Budget
There are plenty of ways to feel sexy and fabulous without being outwardly raunchy (a good idea if you don't know all of the bride's invited guests) - here are just a couple of fun and girly options that can range in price depending on your budget:
- Beach Babes day! Love trendy picnic-style hens parties - how about a beach version, with matching umbrellas, towels, and floaties? Turn up the naughtiness with a visit to a local Clothing Optional beach and even out those tan lines!
- Pamper Party: you can set this up yourself at home, DIY style, or you can opt to hire a few rooms at a resort. Lounge by the pool, get a massage, pamper with a mani/pedi, and celebrate all things flirty and girly!
- Temporary Tattoo Time: Have fun with cheeky temporary tattoos - you can even design and create your own. Plus, if you put them in a cheeky spot, nobody in the office will know, come Monday morning!
- Toys for Adults: Plenty of providers offer sexy party packages where you and your guests can check out a range of adult toys and even try some products out.

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